Luca Molinari

Luca Molinari
Facoltà di Architettura “Luigi Vanvitelli”,

Born, 1966.
Architect and critic; based in Milan; graduated in the Faculty of Architecture – Polytechnic of Milan in 1992 after a work and study experience in Delft (Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, 1989) and Barcelona (ETSAB, 1990-92).
Associate Professor of “History of Contemporary Architecture” at the Faculty of Architecture, Naples “Luigi Vanvitelli” since 2003.
Phd in Theory and History of Architecture, TU Delft.
Guest professor at the Academy of Fine Art of GuangZhou (China).
He collaborates with several international architectural and non-specialized magazines such as Domus, Lotus, Abitare, Costruire, Il progetto, L’architecture d’aujourd’hui, A+U, and La Stampa and Il Corriere della Sera.
He widely lectured on Theory and Contemporary Architecture (London, Liverpool, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Stockholm, Zurich, Basel, Moscow, Singapore, Guan Zhou, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington, Jerusalem).
From 1995 he is the editor for architecture and design of Skira Publishing House, Milan.
As curator he edited and designed several exhibitions in the architectural and contemporary art field, the most relevant are: Santiago Calatrava. Work in Progress (Triennale, Milano); Le forme del cibo (Opos, Milano); Stalker (Opos, Milano); I sentimenti del 2000. Arte e fotografia dal 1960 ad oggi (Triennale, Milano), Side Effects (Triennale, Milano); Gold Medal for Italian architecture. First edition (Triennale Milano, Naples, Rome, Sin- gapore, Guang Zhou/China); Piero Portaluppi (Triennale, Mila- no), 20.06. An overview on contemporary Italian architecture (Palazzo Reale, Naples); Check-in-architecture (UIA congress Turin; Biennale of Architecture ,Venice) Sustainab.Italy (with Alessandro D’Onofrio, London, Singapore, Tallin); Dreaming Milano (Milan); Environments and Counterenvironments : Ex- perimental media in Italy. The New Domestic Landscape MoMA
1972 (with Peter Lang and Mark Wasiuta, New York-2009, Basel-2010, Barcellona-2010, Stockholm-2011, Chicago-2013); Ailati. Riflessi dal futuro (Italian Pavillion, 12th International Exhibition Architecture, Biennale Venice 2010).
Scientific curator of the Fondazione Portaluppi(Milan) from 2000 to 2003 and of the “Progetto Portaluppi”.
Curator for architecture and urbanism of the Triennale of Milan (2000-2004) and member of the Scientific Comitee of the Triennale; during this period he conceived, produced and organized a series of public events to enlarge popular acknowledgment on architecture such as the the first edition of the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture, the Festa per l’architettura (Festival of Architecture) and the lectures’ series Cantieri aperti (Open works under construction). Curator of the Italian Pavillion at the XII Venice Biennale of Architecture (2010). Since 2007 he’s the scien- tific curator of FMG spazio per l’architettura contemporanea an indipendent architecture gallery based in Milan. He has been the Director of the School of Design, Naba, Milan (2005/06) and Di- rector of the Master Interior Design (2007-2011).
In 2007 he has been the editor in chief of the annual magazine The Skira Yearbook of World Architecture and of the web magazine As a scholar in the field of History and Theory of Contemporary Architecture he published different volumes such as: Barcellona: architetture e spazi urbani 1975-1992 (Milan, 1993); (Santiago Calatrava (Milan, 1998, (Italian, English, Spanish and French edition); Atlas. North American Architecture Trends. 1990-2000 (Milan-Ginevra, 2001 (Italian, French and English editions); Massimiliano Fuksas. 1970-2005 (Milan, Italian, French and English edition), Reggio Emilia. Scenari di qualità urbana (Milan, 2007); Continuità: a response to identity crises. Ernesto Nathan Rogers and Italian architectural culture after 1945. (Delft,NL, 2008); Tadao Ando, Museums (Milan, 2009; Italian and English edition); Architetture resistenti. Per una bellezza civile e democratica (Padova, 2013).
He edited: Ernesto Nathan Rogers, Esperienza dell’architettura (Milan, 1996) and Lettere di Ernesto ad Ernesto e viceversa (Milan, 2000); (with Mirko Zardini) a monographic issue on the Italian contemporary architecture for the Dutch magazine Archis n.7, 1999; (with Paolo Scrivano), Arquitectura Italiana del posguerra/ Post war Italian architecture 2G, n.15, (Barcellona 2000), Side effects (Milan, 2002), Gold Medal for Italian architecture (Bologna, 2003), (with Fondazione Portaluppi), Piero Portaluppi. Linea errante nell’architettura moderna (Milan, 2003) and A+U n.420 on “Italian metamorph” (guest editor), The Italian Legacy in Washington DC (Milan, 2007); (con Alessandro D’Onofrio) Sustainab.Italy. An overview of Contemporary Ita- lian architetcure (Rome, 2008); Tadao Ando. Museums. (Milan, 2009).
Since 2012 he is member of the Consiglio Superiore dei Beni Culturali e Paesaggistici, Ministry of Culture.
Founder of Viapranesi srl with Anna Barbara in 2010, where he works as indipendent advicer for Public and Private Institutions as well for international investors in the field of architecture. He has been awarded by the X Venice Biennale of Architecture with “Ernesto N. Rogers prize” as best Italian architectural critic (2006) and with the UIA Jean Tschumi Prize for architectural criticism (2008).