Technology of Architecture

Antonello Monsù Scolaro
28 maggio 2014 - 11 giugno 2014

The purpose of the lessons will be to provide the student the tools to understand the design and construction process, and then the purpose of Technology in Architecture. The verification of the climatic conditions of the territory surrounding the project becomes an opportunity for reflection on design choices; the choice of the system of construction and materials.
In addition, the objective is to gain the ability to design thinking together with the place and the form, function and construction.
This is a complex area: from the feasibility study; the programming, design to the various scales; then, the process of construction along with the awareness that the building, at the end of its life cycle, can be removed and reused.
The student will be driven toward one operating field where you can develop a capacity for choice in the control technical and technological of the project, where you can understand that the technological choices in architecture are dependent on many conditions indoor and outdoor, and from the inhabitant

Course syllabus

Will Be specific object of study:
the foundations of sustainable thinking;
the principles and criteria of building with low environmental impact;
performance specifications: environmental system and technological system;
the breakdown of the building in technical elements;
the technology design of the architecture: the functional layers to performance specifications, the technological detail


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