5 x 5=25

19 maggio 2014

This exercise will explore some basic principles of sustainable housing. Sustainability involves careful consideration of buil- ding footprint, orientation, materials, response to context both physical and social, flexibility of spaces, fresh air, daylight and sunlight, human comfort, practicalities of life, convenience and beauty. We will use the process of designing a set of individual units to discuss as many of these factors as possible.
Students will be divided into 5 groups. Within each group every student will design one home with a different client description and a different orientation. On the second day the 5 students will work together to combine the 5 homes into a collective ar- rangement.

Course syllabus

Each student will design for one of the following groups/orienta- tions. All units will accommodate 5 people:
1.Family home for 2 adults and 3 children. Orientation:South and East. Area: min 90m2+External space min8m2
2.Home for 5 single individuals sharing.. Orientation: East and West. Area: min 120m2+ External space min 10m2
3.Extended family, 3 generations:1 grandparent,2 parents+2 children. Orientation: South and West. Area: min 110m2+ exter- nal space min8m2*
4.2 households sharing: 1 parent+1 child and 1 parent+2 children. Orientation:West and North. Area:min 100m2 + exter- nal space 10m2
5.Live/work unit. 2 adults, 3 children+ workspace for 2-3 people. Orientation: North and South. Area: min 110m2+ ext space min 8m2
All designs to consider threshold and entrance, general storage, bicycle parking, garbage storage, clothes drying etc. All units should be accessible to a visitor in a wheelchair. *Type 3 should be designed to allow for one resident in a wheelchair.
In grouping the homes on day 2 you should be prepared to make minor adjustments to the individual designs. The whole should be more than the sum of the parts.